You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks


With it's sleek, elegant, and clean design, the Smart Puppy can perform new tricks, play music, and react to voice commands! Downloadable app required.

Lighten Up the Mood

Smart Puppy has various emotions: happy, love, sleepy, playful, and others!


What can Puppy Smart do?

  • Plays music, dances, and performs many tricks.

  • Reacts to voice commands via its built-in voice recognition software (such as "roll over," "sit," and "lay down").

  • Downloadable app allows you to customize and program the puppy's stunts/tricks, simulate feeding, perform actions, and even navigate the puppy around.

  • Touch and motion sensors allow petting the Puppy Smart and telling it to go to sleep.

  • Connect your smartphone to the Puppy via Bluetooth and play your music, the puppy will sing and dance based on the rhythm.

Wide Array of App Commands

Monitor your smart puppy's hunger, energy, and health levels! Satisfy the puppy's hunger by feeding him virtual foods from the app.


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