CV2 Excavator

Hobby Grade 1:24 Scale Realistic Model

Contixo Remote Control Hobbyist Grade Excavator 

Heavy duty RC Excavator CV2 is the most realistic replica of an excavator construction tractor. Built on a 1:24 scale with powerful electric motors, and rubber treads that can go over various terrain.

Realistic Movements

Double 17 Channel Excavator can dig in any directions with the 3 powerful separate motors on its digging arm and a Heavy-Duty Steel Shovel. Transport Dirt, Sand, etc. from one location to another or onto a dump truck. The Excavator can move forward, backward, right, left, and cab turns clockwise and counterclockwise 680 Degree Rotation. There are no limits to any directions.

90 Feet Control Distance

Contixo CV2 Excavator is equipped with a powerful 2.4GhZ transmitter which enables you to operate at a distance of at least 80 to 100 feet or more.

Best Gift for Kids & adults

Introduce your kids and your loved ones to the wonderful world of Construction Toys, stimulate their creativity and imagination, and promote essential cognitive skills development with our Contixo CV2 Hobbyist Grade Excavator. A perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, summertime, and other special occasions.