Advanced IR Motion Detection

Dual sensors with object and person detection. Customizing motion zones and activated alert (110DB siren alarm/voice alarm/LED floodlight/ call 911) on the APP to help you scare off intruders.


Weather/Water Resistant

With the excellent IP65 waterproof design that can resist the rain/ dust /high temperature (≤65℃)/low temperature(≥-28℃). It is the best choice for outdoor security.


Two-Way Audio

Built-in microphone and speakers, adopted advanced audio Coding technology, and noise cancelling technology, that you can the hear and speak to someone on your property from your mobile device. No matter when and where, there is no distance between outdoor security.


Crystal-clear 1080p HD video

1080p HD video,120°field-of-view will let you detect motion around corners. Monitor your property through HD video and Live View on your smart phone at any time and anywhere.



Photocell Technology


The latest photocell technology improves the security and safety of your home by automatically turning on lights when it gets dark during sunset or when it detects motion. It also save energy by turning themselves off when extra light is unnecessary at dawn.



Infrared Night Vision


With many low glow infrared LEDs, 850nm infrared flash technology brings clear view even in pitch black. It delivers a view of up to 50 feet in distance, so you can see further and can capture the clear pictures at night.