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Flight Time


No FAA Registration Required


Full HD Video

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Featherweight, Folding Design

The F16 is engineered with efficiency at its heart with a lightweight folding design that weighs just 95 grams with the battery installed. Flight time is long for its size at 13 minutes and charging times are faster as well at just over an hour per battery. Due to it's diminutive weight, the F16 doesn't need to be registered with the FAA.

1080p Full HD Camera

Capture stunning photos and videos with an adjustable angle camera that can capture full 1080p Photos and Video.

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Flight, Extended

F16 not only has an easily removable battery, but it comes with an extra one, so you can have more fun and capture more memories.

Return to Home

If you lose sight of your drone or are having trouble controlling your F30, the Return to Home feature will use the built in GPS bring the drone back to it's starting position. If your remote loses signal with the F30, it will recognize what has happened and safely return back.

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Optical Flow

The F16 has a specialized photo sensor on the underside of the drone. It scans the ground similar to how a computer mouse scans a table, and allows you to fly safely indoors.

One Key

Takeoff & Landing

The F16 is perfect for beginners. Takeoff and landing would otherwise be difficult, but the single tap takeoff and landing makes it easy as pie.

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one key takeoff