Experience the skies like never before.

Introducing the F22 Quadcopter

Contixo F22 Drone is the perfect blend of portability and a feature-heavy drone experience. Never worry about taking apart your drone after each use. The bendable drone wings expand out to create a 14” wide body that cuts through wind with precision. Simply fold the wings back in, place it back in the easy to use carrying case and you’re off to your next adventure.


Foldable & Compact Design

Assembly not needed. This drone is ready to fly right out of the box. It's small, compact, and extremely portable design makes it fun to carry anywhere and everywhere you go.

Sleek, Foldable Wings

The Contixo F22 Drone's slender, sleek, and aerodynamic wings takes this drone to new heights.

Ergonomic Controller

F22 Drone comes with an easy-to-use ergonomic controller. Phone easily attaches to the controller making manual operation easy & comfortable.


Orbit Mode

This function also called "Point of Interest", it allows the quadcopter drone to circle around you or a preset point.

Follow Me Feature

Follow me allows the Contixo F22 quadcopter drone to hover above the GPS-enabled smartphone. Track footage of your every move, whether you run, cycle, ski, surf, or any other sports. Great for recording those family moments, vacation/trips, and anything else you can think of.

Waypoint Mode

Simply tap a path of coordinates on the screen and the Contixo F22 quadcopter drone will fly to its destination. This feature makes it extremely easy for beginners to start flying and fun for experienced drone users as well. *Note - There are up to 16 Waypoints you can setup.

Return To Home

This function allows the Contixo F22 quadcopter drone to return to the GPS location within 10 ft. from where it originally launched into flight.

Integrated 1080P WiFi HD Camera

90° Vertical, Pans Up and Down

Allows you to take photos and record videos. Use your smartphone and the F22 app to fly and operate your F22 Drone 


Gesture Control

Hold 2 fingers to take photos and wave to record videos.

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