Flight Time


No FAA Registration Required


Action Camera

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Compact, Folding Design

The F30 has a compact lightweight design that not only folds up into a small space for easy transport and storage, but also requires no registration with the FAA as it is below the 0.55 pound (250 gram) legal limit!

4K UHD Action Camera

Capture stunning photos and videos with the built in adjustable angle camera that supports 4K Photos and Video.

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GPS Enabled

If you lose sight of your drone or are having trouble controlling your F30, the Return to Home feature will use the built in GPS bring the drone back to it's starting position. If your remote loses signal with the F30, it will recognize what has happened and safely return back.

Interchangeable Batteries

You can get over 15 minutes of flight time with each battery pack. You can charge your batteries with great convenience using the included battery charging dock, and if you run out of juice in the middle of a flight session, simply pop in another battery. (sold separately).

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Follow Me

F30's camera can follow your movements or the movements of an object so that you can get that perfect shot you want with minimal effort.

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