R3 Robot Dogs





Best Friend

Perfect Size


Music and Dance

This SmartPuppy has 3 dances with different music. The music and dance provide a lot of fun to the kids.

Touch Sensors

The SmartPuppy can do the interaction with Mouth. You can touch mouth to make cute behaviors

Voice Recognition

You can use your voice to tell your Smartpuppy do things like sing a song; stand at attention; sit down; handstand; lean over; say hello and push-ups.


Program anything you want the SmartPuppy to do. Enter Programing mode: select other action buttons and press this button again to playback selected actions in sequence.

Remote Control

This smart puppy is controlled by the remote. Go forward, Demo, Handstand, Push-ups, Sit down, Crouch Down, Wrath. All of actions can be controlled by controller.

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