R5 Rob-E Robot





Cute Design

Dancing Mode

High Quality

Play Music and Songs

Rob-E plays music and songs that your child can enjoy and even lights up in a variety of colors! These robot toys are perfect for young children who will be able to enjoy them along with you.


This robot moves forward, backwards, turns left and right. It also lifts and rotates, making for a cute and mobile robot friend.

Eye Lighting

Contixo R5 Rob-E Robot is your best new robot friend! The eyes have LED light. Making it the fun and cute robot companion you have always wanted for your kids.

Easy to Control and Interact

The robot is a perfect toy for young kids as it can be benefitting their continuing brain development. It designed with 5 buttons, which can be easily controlled. Very easy to use even for a child.

Contixo ROB-E electronic robot is the perfect robot for kids and partner in fun!

Developmental Milestones

Teaching basic English like mom, dad playing music and dancing are all skills he is good at. Not only as a friend but also be a good teacher for your kids.

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