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Driving Experience


Remote Control


Flips and Turns

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Choice of 3 Vibrant Colors

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Multi•Color LED Lights

The SC3 Flip Racer Stunt RC Car come with amazing vibrant LED lights. The LED lights are very bright and very colorful and add a great look.  In the dark it's also very easy to keep track of where your SC3 is. The LED lights also add a awesome element to the SC3 show while racing, flipping and tumbling.

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360º Spin and Flips

Double sided RC stunt car that moves forward, backward, left, right and 360 degree tumbling flip for a different playing experience. You can control the SC3 car in any direction with its smart remote controller. The SC3 also comes with a rechargeable battery and wrist band for your remote control.

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2.4GHz Smart Remote

The SC3 remote is equipped with a 2.4GHz interference free control frequency. The high speed 12kmh SC3 remote controller enables multiple RC stunt cars to race together at the same time. It allows NO interference for up to 40 meters.

Convenient wrist Band included for Easy Control.

What's in the box

The SC3 comes complete with RC Flip Racer Car, Smart Remote Control with accessory wrist band for easy access. USB cable, rechargeable battery and user manual.

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