80 FT

Control Range


Working Time

180 MINS

Charging Time


You can control multiple cars in the same area without interference. The car is flexible in the events of control and maneuvers forward, backward and turns with ease and in fast motion.

Blue Smoke

The stunts car is a perfect toy for young kids as it can be benefitting their continuing brain development. When you put water into the water tank on the back of the RC car, you will see amazing blue light with the smoke coming out.

Realistic Sounds Effect

Cool and elegant climbing off road vehicle toys for kids, dazzling shocking light and car, twisting the tiger whistle, give you the experience of real car sound.

Drifting and Rising

This SC4 car can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right and 360 degree flipping. Give you the drifting experience. The cool features and unlimited fun, giving the child a wonderful operating experience and visual effects.

Contixo 2.4Ghz remote control stunt car is the perfect toy for the RC car enthusiast!

Easy Smart Remote Control

Easy to control remote controller with 2.4GHz transmitter strength, that is sensitive and responsive, you can be maneuvered even from a far distance up to 82 feet speed about 10-20km/H

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